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PayRule Engine

The ultimate in
product control

PayRule Engine allows you to set specific rules and automate responses with extreme granularity.

More points of control mean far more options

Create ultra-tailored card products

PayRule Engine's extreme granularity lets you create, and fine-tune even complex products, with far greater flexibility and no hardcoding.

Offer real value-adds, in real time

PayRule Engine’s real-time detection capability allows you to configure rule triggers against relevant product offers at authorisation.

Easily configurable precision

Set any combination of fraud, geolocation, transaction, time, or merchant-based rules, at any level. All easily configurable, with no hard coding.

PayRule Engine

PayRule Engine has extensive flexibility, empowering our customers to control and configure cards and products, at a granular level, quickly, and easily. This includes:

All of the above are configurable at a specific BIN, sub-BIN, product, group, and/or card-level.

A generational leap in Payments technology


Stop fraud before it happens

PayRule Engine superior in updating and fine-tuning rules, on a per-customer basis. 

This enhanced granularity gives you the power to see and / or stop emerging threats thus enhancing fraud-prevention, affording you maximum protection, while enhancing your customer experience.

Absolute control

With PayRule Engine, our clients can now simply and easily serve, enhance, customise and control all their customer card, card-limit, security, and product requirements.

Easily enable restrictions by type, such as:

  • MCC restriction.
  • Authorisation restriction.
  • Country restriction.
  • Transaction restriction (POS, ATM, E-Com, cashback, contactless, etc).

And many more.


Innovate all-new products

With more points of customisation and unrivalled data-richness, PayRule Engine allows the creation of completely custom products, from scratch. Or, the enhancement of existing products – with added-value features – all chosen by you, at an ultra-granular level.

  • Optimised transaction functions.
  • Easy configuration, out of the box.
  • API level interactivity
  • Web Services control
  • Dynamic actions to rules

Decision-engine journey

Type of rules


Authorisation rules

Rules are configurable at component-level; including MCC, MID, spend-type, postal code, and more.


Dynamic fraud rules

Set specific rules to allow dynamic assessment of fraud scenarios. Corresponding actions can be used to restrict card usage.


Web Services control

Rules can be created or assigned via Web Services.


Cardholder alerts

Create rules with actions to alert cardholders to certain spend activities.

Start innovating your
payments with us

Our scalable, flexible Platform supports big innovations. We shepherd our clients not only into, but to the forefront of the Digital-payment Era.