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Eradicate fraud


Detect, prevent, and eradicate card fraud, in real-time, at the point of spend, thanks to ultra-fast, immediately interpretable, intra-spend transaction analytics, at POS.

Detect and prevent card fraud in real-time

Using layered, rich, interpretable data-analysis, delivered through ultra-fast, intra-spend full transaction analytics, delivered at point of spend.

Real control over your own rules

Define, detect and eliminate potential fraud threats by customising triggers and responses through our PayRule Engine.

Meaningful real-time analytics

Every transaction is analysed in real-time enabling high-speed card-transaction history retrieval.

Auto-decline on high-alert triggers

PayRule operates prior to a final authorisation decision being made. This allows potential card fraud to be stopped.


Effective fraud-
pattern recognition

We're able to deeply analyse cardholder transaction patterns and spend behaviours, which means we can pick up suspicious activity before it happens. Our decision engine functions prior to the final authorisation decision, allowing for fraud to be stopped before funds leave an account.


Make FAST,
informed decisions

Using our FAST feed to make the final approve/decline authorization helps clients make fully informed decisions, as their rule alerts and actions pertaining to those rules are provided in the full FAST message.

Better experiences mean
happier cardholders

Having robust fraud-prevention, in combination with advanced real-time analytics, has a significant impact on your customers’ experience, satisfaction-levels, and loyalty. It also significantly minimises chargebacks.


third-party integration

If you still prefer to use a third-party fraud-protection system, our API gives you the flexibility to fully integrate, test, and implement any system of choice.


Protect your payments
with us

We have the power to see and stop emerging threats from forming, even at authorisation level. Let's get started...