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Customer Portal

Simple control.
No coding-skills needed

Manage the entire payment lifecycle from start to finish, using PayControl – our powerful, intuitive, flexible user-interface.

Powerfully intuitive

Optimise via powerful dashboards

Gain complete visibility of your business to quickly understand every aspect, allowing you to make the most informed, strategic decisions.

Built for your whole Team

Whether you're a developer, business manager, or customer-support specialist, PayControl is easy and intuitive for everyone to use.

Enabling speed

From developer and monitoring tools, to data-insights and chargeback-processing, PayControl provides a wide range of tools to keep your business moving smoothly.

The right platform for all stakeholders



Developer-life made easy

We make it simple for developers to build quickly. Get to know our Platform right away and start testing with no commitment or risk to you.

  • Testing tools for seamless integration.

  • Comprehensive API documentation.

  • Databases and systems monitoring.

  • Detailed system logs.

Business Managers

Made for revenue-optimisation

We help you drive revenue-optimisation, every step of the way. Optimise each transaction, interchange and the overall profitability of your business.

  • Configure your entire business, no code necessary.

  • Optimise interchange and overall profitability.

  • Build new products in real-time.


Customer Support

More than enough data to keep your customers happy

We provide all the data needed for happy customers. Easily understand the people behind your transactions, and manage chargebacks and queries with ease.

  • Easily understandable transaction data.

  • Chargebacks made easy.

  • Quickly find selected queries.

Three environments for your control

Test our Platform with no obligations

We are firm believers in learning by doing. Quickly connect to our sandbox environment and experience how our Platform works.

  • Card creation in a matter of seconds.

  • Run countless simulations using test data.

  • View all logs and activity reports.


Quick and seamless integration

Once you're ready to launch a programme with our Platform, PayControl makes it really simple.

  • Intuitive onboarding.

  • Use predefined templates and testing tools.

  • Get all the support you need from our Implementation Managers.


Profitable card-programmes made easy

We've developed and integrated unique solutions into the Paymentology Platform, to help you maximise profit at multiple stages.

  • Real-time data at the point of spend.

  • Powerful customer analytics.

  • Programmable decisions for each unique customer.


Help, around the clock


Full documentation

From API documentation to every troubleshooting issue; we provide all the comprehensive documentation you need.


Dedicated Implementations Team

Our Implementation Specialists are stationed around the world, across 14 time zones – always on hand and ready to help you launch successfully.


24/7 help desk

Our Support Team is on call 24/7/365. With a sophisticated Zendesk ticketing service and dedicated Account Managers, we do what it takes to ensure smooth transactions all the way.

Let's talk

Our scalable, flexible Platform supports big innovations. We shepherd our clients not only into, but to the forefront of the Digital-payment Era.