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Data insights

See your payments
under a microscope

We provide the richest, fastest and deepest data-stream, delivered in a way that’s immediately interpretable, useful, and actionable; even at POS-level.

Greater knowledge.
Greater power

Informed decisions grow revenue

Real data-insights let you design and deploy better solutions and products, and trigger tailored offers based on finely tuned behaviours.

See payment-data in real-time

We provide the richest, fastest and deepest real-time data-stream. Easily interpretable and actionable; even at POS-level.

Atomic-level granularity of view

Thanks to our FAST Feed technology, you can now truly understand and visualise your customers' behaviour, across a vast number of metrics, in real time.

Unprecedented consumer-spend data

Ultimate data-richness, with FAST Message

FAST is Paymentology’s “Framework for Authorisation and Settlement Transmission” interface. It allows banks to meaningfully participate in the authorisation message. FAST not only provides bank participation, but also enriched, full-scheme messaging with enhanced speed-analytics, delivered by the unparalleled capacity and extreme flexibility of PayRule.


Active participation

A real-time feed to the bank, with the bank making the authorisation decision.


Passive participation

A real-time feed to bank, after Paymentology has made the authorisation decision.


Choose your format

Elect to receive the authorisation message in JSON or XML formats.


FAST setup assistance

Paymentology works alongside clients, assisting with FAST setup, and sharing expertise in the authorisation process.

See the big picture through data

Our FAST Message provides far more real-time data, in a layered feed, that is highly versatile and intuitive. See, understand and control the complete spend lifecycle, with much deeper visibility.

100+More lines of data run in our code




Message_type 0100
Message_desc Authorisation request
client_id: 760131


TID 130680012345000026
RID 1306800123
PID 1306800123
PID 21
Client_Id 262344
Network MC
Spend_Type POS – Purchase
Spend_Location Mango Wisma Atria Orchard Road 238877
Transaction_Amount 30.0
Transaction_Currency SGD
Billing_Amount 30.0
Billing_Currency SGD
Card_Use_Type Chip Fallback
Customer_Validation CVV1
Processor_Decision_Code 05 (decline)
Processor_Reason_Code 216 (CVV1 fail)
Processor_Decision_Desc Decline – CVV1 fail
Merchant_Category 5499 – Miscellaneous Food Stores-Convenience Stores
Account_Id 601241515
Customer_Ac 601241515


Pan_Check PASS
Pin_Check PASS
Expiry_Check PASS
Track_Check PASS
3DS_Check NA
Test_Matrix 844459300368824
Test_Results 34368126976
Rules_Checked 4
Rules_Triggered 1
Rules_Decision 05 (decline)


DE2 789850681
DE3 000000
DE4 000000003000
DE22 02 (PAN auto-entry via magnetic stripe-track data is not required)
DE43 Mango, Wisma Atria Orchard Road 238877

Typical feed from other processor

Message_type POS
Amount 30.00
Currency 702
Location Mango 238877
Processor_decision Approve
Merchant_id 321456654
UID 8172366723457175

Reporting and reconciliation

Our Platform provides the following reports daily through our real-time feed:

  • Mark-off file report.

  • Summary settlement report.

  • Detailed settlement report.

  • Forex gains report.

  • Failed transaction report.

  • Card order report.

Statements and reports

Our Platform provides the following reports, on daily basis, through our real-time feed, in a powerful, intuitive, easy-to-understand interface.

  • Transaction reports contain all authorisations, settlement, chargebacks, reversals.

  • Balances reports, containing all the actual, pending, and available balances for all cards. This report is delivered via SFTP to customer.

  • Real-time feed, with all card-actions reported, in real-time, to client.


Powerful analytics

Insights and analytics that educate you

Paymentology’s FAST provides over 120 transaction details, in an easily interpretable, real-time feed.

With flexible APIs, you can set authorisation parameters and action alerts about behavior you flag as suspicious.



Our rich data feed, in collaboration with PayRule’s fraud-detection capabilities, detects irregular behaviour.


Geo-location of payments

Monitor geo-location, and behaviour patterns, combined with any other metrics, to flag irregularity, and gain deeper customer insight.

Analytics that empower action

We bring you closer to your customers, with detailed spend analytics, applied by PayRule. 




Name Jason Bourne
Position Doctor
Credit_rating 12
MicroLoan_suitability 94
BuyNowPayLater_this_spend Yes
Travel_ranking 76
Sport_ranking 32
Net_wealth_indicator >500000
Total_POS_spend_on_this_card 17123
Total_ATM_withdrawals 1800
Relative_card_cost_to_bank 23
Actual_Card_Cost_to_bank 78
Cust_age_group 30-40
Merch_risk_rating 70
Merch_avg_txn_freq 40
Merch_avg_txn_amt 10

Typical feed from other processor

Code block error
No other processor offers this feature.

Informed decisions

Better products through better data

Paymentology's FAST Message provides over 120 lines of layered transaction details, delivered in real-time, even at POS.

We empower you to make decisive strategic decisions, based on thorough, rapid, insightful data that's immediately useful and actionable. Now you can trigger highly customised products and offers, based on very specific behaviour criteria, when and where it matters.


Fine-tune existing services

Our Platform's API's are powerful and flexible to allow you to make and deploy changes to products – small or significant – quickly, intuitively and without disruption.


Prevent fraud and theft

Our Platform's secure APIs and extensive capabilities detect irregular or suspicious behaviours far more accurately. 


Better arguments for new ideas

By knowing far more about your customers' behaviour – pre and post-transaction – you vastly enhance your strategic-planning scope of vision.


Up-sell, in real-time

Our analytics can be interpreted and applied in real-time, letting you make decisions, grant permissions and offer new products, when it matters most.

Rule-control at an atomic level

Define and apply your own rules with granularity. Implement pre-determined actions to follow specific rule-triggers, from authorizations, to fee applications.



Message type

Rule_id 1245
Rule_triggered Yes
Rule_desc Card used three times within 10 min between 0:00am and 06:00am
Trigger_detail Alert client via SMS & temp block
Action_id 456
Action_desc 30 min block on card
Action_id 212
Action_desc SMS to Client: Dear Jason, your card ending 1342 has had an attempted usage at 05:36 at Mango, Wisma Atria. We have blocked your card for 30 minutes to protect you (unusual card usage time)

Typical feed from other processor

Code block error
No other processor offers this feature.

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