Data insightsSee your payments under a microscope

We provide the richest, fastest and deepest data-stream, delivered in a way that’s immediately interpretable, useful, and actionable; even at POS-level.

Greater knowledge. Greater power.

Informed decisions grow revenue

Real data-insights let you design and deploy better solutions and products, and trigger tailored offers based on finely tuned behaviours.

See payment-data in real-time

We provide the richest, fastest and deepest real-time data-stream. Easily interpretable and actionable; even at POS-level.

Atomic-level granularity of view

Thanks to our FAST Feed technology, you can now truly understand and visualise your customers' behaviour, across a vast number of metrics, in real time.

Unprecedented consumer-spend data

Ultimate data-richness, with FAST Message

FAST is Paymentology’s “Framework for Authorisation and Settlement Transmission” interface. It allows banks to meaningfully participate in the authorisation message. FAST not only provisions bank participation, but also provides enriched, full-scheme messaging with enhanced spend-analytics, delivered by the unparalleled capability and extreme flexibility of PayRule.AI.

Active partcipation

A real-time feed to the bank, with the bank making the authorisation decision.

Passive participation

A real-time feed to bank, after Paymentology has made the authorisation decision.

Choose your format

Elect to receive the authorisation message in JSON or XML formats.

FAST setup assistance

Paymentology works alongside clients, assisting with FAST setup, and sharing expertise in the authorisation process.

Reporting and reconciliation

Our Platform provides the following reports daily through our real-time feed:

  • Mark-off file report.

  • Summary settlement report.

  • Detailed settlement report.

  • Forex gains report.

  • Failed transaction report.

  • Card order report.

Statements and reports

Our Platform provides the following reports, on daily basis, through our real-time feed, in a powerful, intuitive, easy-to-understand interface.

  • Transaction reports contain all authorisations, settlement, chargebacks, reversals.

  • Balances reports, containing all the actual, pending, and available balances for all cards. This report is delivered via SFTP to customer.

  • Real-time feed, with all card-actions reported, in real-time, to client.

Powerful analytics

Intelligence that outsmarts fraud

Paymentology FAST Message provides over 120 transaction details, in a rich, layered, easily interpretable, real-time feed. Not only more data than our competitors, but smarter and faster, too.

With the most flexible APIs giving you total control, you can now set the authorisation parameters that suit you, with AI alerting you to any behaviour you flag as suspicious.

Fraud-analytics and pattern-matching

Our ultra-rich data feed, with PayRule.AI's unmatched fraud-detection capabilities, detects any irregular behaviour, far more intuitively.


More data and API-flexibility let you base authorisation decisions – even on a per-customer level – on more variables; including credit risk, and more.

Merchant-risk rating

We're able analyse risk on a merchant-level too. Far richer data, delivered intuitively and actionably, gives you more points of control.

Geo-location of payments

Monitor geo-location, and behaviour patterns, combined with any other metrics, to flag irregularity, and gain deeper customer insight.

The Platform that has it all

With the most sophisticated, secure APIs, a complete Cloud solution, Banking Live, PayRule.AI, and true global reach, we get bigger things done, faster.

Informed decisions

Better products through better data

Paymentology's FAST Message provides over 120 lines of layered transaction details, delivered in real-time, even at POS.

We empower you to make decisive strategic decisions, based on thorough, rapid, insightful data that's immediately useful and actionable. Now you can trigger highly customised products and offers, based on very specific behaviour criteria, when and where it matters.

Fine-tune existing services

Our Platform's API's are powerful and flexible to allow you to make and deploy changes to products – small or significant – quickly, intuitively and without disruption.

Prevent fraud and theft

Our Platform's secure APIs and unrivalled pattern-matching capabilities detect any irregular or suspicious behaviours far more intuitively, and actionably.

Better arguments for new ideas

By knowing far more about your customers' behaviour – pre and post-transaction – you vastly enhance your strategic-planning scope of vision.

Up-sell, in real-time

Our analytics can be interpreted and applied in real-time, letting you make decisions, grant permissions and offer new products, when it matters most.

Start innovating your payments with us

Our scalable, flexible Platform supports big innovations. We shepherd our clients not only into, but to the forefront of the Digital-payment Era.