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Mobile Wallets

Safe and easy Mobile Payments

Offer your customers a hassle-free, secure, and modern way to conduct their payments on their mobile devices and wearables.


Convenience & Flexibility

Cardholders can leave their physical wallet at home and complete transactions at a payment terminal without touching cash or entering a PIN.



Mobile wallets protect financial information from potential theft through encryption, tokenisation and biometric authentication.



Generate valuable data on customer spending habits and preferences to offer personalized services in combination with loyalty programs.

__Turn your own app

Issuer-branded wallets

Turn your own app into a mobile wallet

Add tap-to-pay and wallet capabilities to your mobile app if you want your own branded wallet or if you are in an area where XPay wallets are not available yet.

  • Digitize, re-digitize, store, and activate cards within seconds
  • Use biometry and face recognition to authenticate payments
  • Save maintenance costs
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Access all major payment network
  • Secure, compliant and certified

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XPay / OEM wallets

Seamless user experience made easy

Digitize your cards to use with established 3rd-party wallets like Google Pay, Apple Pay, and more!

  • Access all major OEM wallets available in your region
  • Support all major payment networks through a single connection
  • Quick, simple, and cost-efficient to implement
  • Secure, compliant, and certified
__Seamless user experience made easy

Supported payment networks

__Bigger logos

Mobile wallet features



Enable mobile wallet capabilities
Cards need to be turned into tokens to facilitate mobile wallets, contactless payments, and EMV Secure Remote Commerce (SRC)

Safe and secure
Tokenization encrypts sensitive card data for use 

Fast time to market
Implement your tokenization platform quick and easy with turnkey APIs that require no tokenization knowledge

No maintenance needed
Stay up to date with the latest TSP services and security standards with minimal effort

Out-of-the-box on-behalf-of rule engine
Automate the decision-making process for provisioning request with an engine tailored to your needs and based on market best practice

Supports transactions for all major wallets and payment networks.


Push provisioning

Convenient one-click onboarding

  • Three times more cards added to digital wallets compared to a manual onboarding
  • Instant access to digital wallets
  • Instant card replacement to a mobile wallet if a customer loses their physical wallet
  • Support all major push provisioning solutions through one service
__One click onboarding
__Digital first in hours

Digital cards

Digital-first in hours

For issuers and program managers who do not issue physical cards, want to print physical cards without sensitive data, or would like to provide a non-physical alternative.

  • Enable cardholders to instantly view their full card details, for e.g., eCommerce checkouts
  • PCI-DSS-compliant – perfect for program managers without a certification
  • Deployable in just a few hours
  • Adapt the design to your brand’s look and feel
  • No need to send physical cards or wait for them to arrive in the post
  • Reduce plastic waste

A must have

Token control

Empower your customers to manage their own tokens, enhancing the user experience of your payment app. 


Benefits for your customers



Easy setup of essential alerts, spend limits, and deleting, suspending, and resuming digital cards for payments



Real-time control, 24/7 access, and visibility of all your physical and digital cards.

__Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Increased safety through spend limit customization (amount, time, region, merchant category, etc.)

Benefits for card issuers


Customer loyalty

Make your app the go-to payment method thanks to a superior user experience


Security savings

Increased security leads to fewer fraud incidents and lower costs from cashbacks


Token management savings

Customers can take care of everyday token management which frees up customer support cases

Service Portal

Manage tokens and analyse data

With your mobile wallet success comes an increased amount of payment tokens. Get the proper tool to manage and analyse them!

  • Manage tokenized cards through your token platform
  • Find answers to your customers’ token-related questions
  • Look up and manage tokens through one user-friendly interface
  • Perform token life-cycle management
  • View and analyse token-related data and reports
  • Accessible through a web-based portal and API

__Manage tokens and analyse data

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