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Advanced multi-Cloud platform

The Platform
that has it all

Our fully in-Cloud Platform's unmatched flexibility, data-richness, and secure APIs, let you integrate smoothly, then design, deploy and customise programmes, fast.

Platform highlights


Real-time customer analysis

Our data is far richer, with more than 120 lines of layered, interpretable analysis, giving you immediate, actionable customer insight.


Go to market in four weeks

We're integrated with numerous core banking platforms worldwide, and have the most sophisticated, adaptive APIs. This lets us launch better programmes, faster.


The ultimate card-issuing Platform

With the most sophisticated, flexible and stable APIs, and the deepest global reach, you can easily issue any card, anywhere.

Card products for a new world


Prepaid, Debit and Credit

Issue anything, anywhere

The most advanced Platform, combined with our geo-strategic data-centres, and on-the-ground expertise across five continents, let us rapidly issue any card, at scale, anywhere.

Offer modern credit solutions for today's customer


Buy Now Pay Later, via mobile

Offer, approve and convert a purchase, at point-of-sale, into a BNPL offer; delivered via your customer’s mobile.


Turn purchases into instalments

Convert qualifying purchases, even at POS. We commit to a payment structure, then we schedule the repayments for you.


Evergreen credit

Allow qualifying customers to repeatedly access revolving credit – within a limit set by you – with repayments in regular instalments.


Smooth scaling

We provide a dedicated or shared Cloud instance, with the most sophisticated, secure and flexible APIs guaranteeing stability, with the highest uptime.

  • Integrate into any Cloud platform.

  • Including, Google, Azure, Oracle and more.

  • Single-tenant vs multi-tenant Cloud.

  • Multiple geo-strategic datacentres.

  • Compliance with on-soil rules and regulations.


We're fast. Very fast.


Processing at ultimate speed

Our Platform supports over 1000 TPS, out of the box. Faster processing means greater capacity, which in turn, enables both smooth scalability and flexible, rapid product design, deployment and enhancement.

Clear data-based decisions

Make informed decisions

Rapid, meaningful data-analysis

Make calculated, evidence-driven decisions to tangibly enhance customer experiences, even at an individual level. With our FAST Feed's 120 lines of rich, layered data, you gain deep, actionable, real-time customer insight.


PayRule Engine

Full control over everything

PayRule engine lets you set granular rules, with a set of  extensive, secure, RESTful APIs.


Fraud control

With its enhanced rule management capability, PayRule helps you stop threats at both authentication and authorization.


Choose how you take control

It’s how we evolve

The most powerful APIs

We build the world's most powerful APIs, in-house from the ground up. This creates seamless, modular flexibility, which means our clients can easily:

  • Access any piece of data, at any time, in any time period, across cards, consumers, and programmes.

  • Automate manual back-office reconciliation.

  • Automate chargeback processes.

  • Increase back-office efficiency and decrease OPEX.

  • Empower customers to resolve their own queries.

  • Eradicate query tickets common with other providers.

  • Test products in minutes.

  • Decrease second-line fraud disputes.

  • Empower financial crime teams to test new rule sets.

  • Protect data with Maker/Checker and 2FA.

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You're in control


PayControl is our full suite User Acceptance Testing (UAT) platform, giving our customers full control by enabling you to easily:

  • View API documentation.

  • Create sample code in any programming language.

  • Create test cards.

  • Simulate transactions.

  • Create transaction rules.

  • Run volume testing.

  • Create accounts and cards.

The ultimate in card security

Our processing engine provides the most robust and secure triple-layer security authorisation available. Encrypted at all points – at creation, in transit, and at rest – tokenised cardholder-data is never exposed.


Why Paymentology is the world's most powerful Platform

While others operate in just a few countries

We're everywhere in the world

We’re live in 50+ countries, across 14 time zones.


All types of cards

We can issue any type of card

We support all kinds of prepaid, debit and credit cards; be they physical, virtual, tokenised or numberless.


All major networks

We'll connect you with any type of network

We have native integration into Visa, Mastercard and UnionPay.



We process across multiple regions, in any currency

We can launch products in any currency and offer multi-currency products too.


The ultimate Platform

Our Platform is fully Cloud-based, equipped with advanced APIs, rich data and PayRule engine.

We offer both shared and dedicated Clouds, and support Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and more.


Faster speeds

Simply put, we do more, at higher speed

We process at more than 1000 TPS, out of the box. Greater capacity means greater stability and scalability.


Around the world, around the clock

The ultimate in global customer service

24/7 customer service, with staff in 45 countries, speaking 20+ languages, across 14 time zones.



We're faster off the blocks than everyone else

If you’re ready to go, we routinely get programmes up and running in as little as four weeks.


We do things first

Our technology enables real innovation

Our Platform's unmatched power, stability and scalability empowers big-thinking innovation.


Start innovating your
payments with us

Our Platform supports large-scale innovations. We shepherd our clients not only into, but to the forefront of the Digital-payment Era. Let's get started...