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Multi-Cloud solutions

The most capable
Cloud solution

Our Platform's unmatched API-power, speed, stability and flexibility give you the very best of all Cloud options.

We love Clouds


We're fully in the Cloud

With everything in the Cloud, nothing needs to be taken offline or disrupted in order to create or fine-tune card programmes.

Cloud nativity

Being fully Cloud-native, we can provide, or integrate into any kind of major Cloud system. We set the benchmark for best practice, efficiency and scalability.

Shared vs private Cloud

We integrate into any major Cloud. Or, if needed, we can create a dedicated on-premise private Cloud instance – ultra-secure and tailored to your needs.

Ultimate global reach

With the most regional data-centres, we process faster. While others may process Singapore, via London, for example, we process where transactions happen.

Shared or private cloud?
You decide.


Simple and seamless

Shared Cloud

  • Cost-effective, quick-to-market, and frictionless.

  • We comply with, and set the benchmarks for, best practices.

  • Our Cloud capabilities are highly scalable, comfortably ready to rapidly expand, when you are.

  • We process on AWS, Azure, and Oracle Cloud.


Private Cloud

In circumstances where private Cloud instances are necessary, we're able to establish one for you, with full functionality.


Fully custom

On-premise solution

When there is no local Cloud solution available to you, or suitable to your needs, we can manually build a private, ultra-secure data-centre, tailored to your specifications.

One simple cloud-integration

One integration enables multi-country rollout, letting you immediately scale up and add features, as you need to. The flexibility of our multi-Cloud platform means that you can launch almost anywhere, fast.


Total compliance

We represent the apex of multi-layered, ultra-secure financial-data security and encryption.


We exceed all standards

Our Cloud-ready systems are fully compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines, as well as all Mastercard and Visa standards.


Multi-layered Cloud security

The Paymentology Web Services API features numerous end-to-end security features – embedded at every level – ensuring the most secure data-exchange.


Beyond PCI DSS1 compliant

We ensure total internal data encryption that exceeds all PCI 3.2.2 requirements.


ISO 27001 compliant

We comply with – and exceed – all international standards for information security, including ISO/IEC 27001.

Uninterrupted transacting

Due to our ultra-smart active/active clustering solution, our deep expertise, and our unmatched multi-Cloud platform, we experience virtually no downtime whatsoever.


Smooth scaling

Our Cloud capabilities are highly scalable, easily ready to rapidly expand and handle major increases in volume as you scale up.

Start innovating your payments with us

We combine the most advanced, multi-cloud platform, with the widest global reach, experience, and presence in the world.