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Easily issue, manage, and process prepaid and debit-card programmes, at scale.

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Our Platform is unparalleled in its flexibility. Remain at the forefront of payments by issuing cards of any kind, and delivering innovations as and when you need them.


Prepaid and debit cards

We issue prepaid and debit cards under one Platform.


Simple multi-currency management

Offer multi-currency payments with ease. Now, you decide how you want to manage foreign exchange for your customers.

Issue cards in any currency

We support – and easily integrate – all currencies supported by the major card schemes, as well as crypto and reward currencies.

Integrate into the world’s leading networks

We have extensive experience with leading banks and all major global card schemes. We integrate quickly and smoothly.

Offer the best cards for your customers' needs


VirtualSmarter, faster virtual cards

Rapidly and easily issue branded single-use, or multi-use, virtual cards to create secure, customisable payments.


PhysicalPhysical cards for a
digital world

Issue anonymous, branded or customised physical cards; in batches, or individually. You control how they look, and how, when and where they are used.


NumberlessThe next evolution in security and privacy

Our numberless cards offer a new level of security and encryption, hiding card details – at creation, in transit and at rest. Customers have sole access to their card information, via app.


Tokenised Contactless payments,
in person.

Push cards to digital wallets for immediate access, and to enable contactless payments in-person.


Multi-Cloud solutions


Ultra-securePrivate Cloud

In circumstances where private Cloud instances are necessary, we're able to establish one for you, with full functionality.


Shared CloudShared Cloud

  • Cost-effective, with the lowest friction.

  • We comply with, and set the benchmark for, best practices.

  • Our Cloud capabilities are highly scalable, comfortably ready to rapidly expand when you are.

  • We integrate into Google, Azure, Oracle, and more.

CustomOn-premise solution

When there is no local Cloud solution available to you, or suitable to your needs, we can manually build a private, ultra-secure data-centre, tailored to your specifications.

All the power, in your hands

Data InsightsRich, real-time data insights

We empower our clients to make evidence-based decisions with all the insight. With more than 120 lines of rich, layered, real-time, easily interpretable transaction data, we are far more data-rich than our competitors, providing a live feed of all spend traffic.

Rules engineYou set the rules

Our PayRule.AI engine allows you to configure and customise rules for your business at an unprecedented level of detail and granularity. We enable you to combine geographical and product-based rules, all the way down to a per-card and per-transaction level.

APIWe are API-driven

We offer the richest, most advanced, end-to-end encrypted, secure issuer-processing APIs in the world – featuring ground-breaking fraud, risk, loyalty and filtering mechanisms – right down to a card or merchant-level, across all card types.

and privacy

Our processing engine provides the most robust and secure triple-layer security authorisation available. Encrypted at all points – at creation, in transit, and at rest – tokenised cardholder-data is never exposed.

SpeedProcessing at ultimate speed

Our Platform supports over 1000 TPS, out of the box. Faster processing means greater capacity, which in turn, enables both smooth scalability and flexible, rapid product design, deployment and enhancement.

Do things your way

You're in controlPayControl

PayControl is our full suite User Acceptance Testing (UAT) platform, giving our customers full control by enabling you to easily:

  • View API documentation.

  • Create sample code in any programming language.

  • Create test cards.

  • Simulate transactions.

  • Create transaction rules.

  • Run volume testing.

  • Create accounts and cards.

Customer portal
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It’s how we evolveThe most powerful APIs

We build the world's most powerful APIs, in-house from the ground up. This creates seamless, modular flexibility, which means our clients can easily:

  • Access any piece of data, anytime, in any time period, across cards, consumers, and programmes.

  • Automate manual back-office reconciliation.

  • Automate chargeback processes.

  • Increase back-office efficiency and decrease OPEX.

  • Empower customers to resolve their own queries.

  • Eradicate query tickets common with other providers.

  • Test products in minutes.

  • Decrease second-line fraud disputes.

  • Empower financial crime teams to test new rule sets.

  • Protect data with marker/checker and 2FA.

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