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Paymentology works with Utility Warehouse to help customers reduce their bills

October 2, 2020

Paymentology works with Utility Warehouse to help customers reduce their bills

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UW, the UK’s only multiservice provider, offers customers all their home services - energy, broadband, mobile, landline and home insurance - in one monthly bill. These customers can choose to receive a cashback card, which helps them save while they spend as well as benefiting from reward points as they spend with partner retailers. Customers can get up to 7% off their purchases.

The functionality provided by the Paymentology platform ensures that UW customers will benefit from market-leading fraud protection and split-second balance checking at the point of sale, meaning that purchases are cleared almost instantaneously.

Ben Wigoder, Head of Financial Services at UW, said: “After an extensive process, Paymentology emerged as the clear leader to take on our cashback card. Its fraud protection service adds another layer of security for our customers and its technology gives us a platform to build new features into our card in the future. We’re excited to begin our partnership with Paymentology and look forward to working together in the future.”

Shane O’Hara, CEO of Paymentology commented, “Working with UW is an important step for us in our growth as we expand the reach of the Paymentology platform across both banks and retailers. Moreover, though it is a good opportunity for Paymentology to play its part in helping consumers manage their budgets in these difficult coronavirus times.”

Notes to editors

Founded in 1996, UW is the UK’s only genuine multiservice supplier. It supplies households and businesses with energy, broadband, mobile and home insurance in one monthly bill.

The company offers other benefits including free LED lightbulbs and a cashback card, with money back on purchases, which reduce customers’ monthly utility bills.

Endorsed by Which? for over 10 years in a row, UW has more than 650,000 customers and 45,000 Authorised UW Partners who recommend UW services to people they know.