Dec 15, 2022

Paymentology scoops ‘Most Admired Company of the Year’ at the Africa Business Leader of the Year Awards 2022

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We’re wrapping up the year on a high note at Paymentology by scooping the prestigious accolade of ‘Most Admired Company of the Year’ from the Africa Business Leader of the Year Awards 2022. The awards recognise exceptional corporate practices and outstanding achievements in the African business landscape, as well as contributions to the continent’s inclusive socio-economic growth and development.

Fintech is emerging as Africa’s most vibrant sector, with start-ups in Africa growing from 311 in 2019 to 564 in 2021, with South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya emerging as key hubs. At Paymentology, we have played a vital role in fuelling Fintech innovation, with a specific focus on financial inclusion. Our collaboration with leading companies across the continent has allowed significant headway in terms of financial inclusion, bringing millions of underbanked people into the financial mainstream.

Here we highlight the top reasons why we were recognised by the judges for the Most Admired Company of the Year category:

  1. Africa is where we started, and we now operate on a global scale with staff, customers and partners in over 50 countries.

  2. We were one of the first companies that provided African fintechs with the scale of infrastructure that would otherwise be unattainable.

  3. Our system and platform enable communities to go cashless – a game changing move that is digitising the region.

  4. We now power some of the largest companies and brands in Africa including Orange, Standard Bank Group and Mukuru.

  5. Our work with Safaricom is enabling access, through virtual cards linked to M-Pesa, and has driven a significant positive impact in Africa in the form of millions of active mobile wallet users.

  6. We are a key issuer processor partner of Mastercard and Visa, enabling wallets and other non-traditional store of values to become universally accessible.

  7. We’re Changing Lives, in supporting several social causes we use our resources and technology to uplift the communities in Africa.

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