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Paymentology Partners with Nelo: Creating the Bridge for In-Person Transactions in Mexico

September 12, 2023

Paymentology Partners with Nelo: Creating the Bridge for In-Person Transactions in Mexico

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Paymentology’s card issuing platform and analytics capabilities support Nelo’s expansion in Mexico 

September 12, Mexico: Paymentologythe leading global issuer-processor, today announces its partnership with Nelo, a consumer payments platform in Mexico, to support its Mastercard in-person payments via Billetera de Google in Mexico and the launch of physical cards. 

With over 6 million online purchases on its platform, Nelo is reimagining the way that credit products should be delivered. The Nelo card, along with the integrated Google Wallet feature, provides customers with the flexibility to either settle their entire balance or opt for financing specific purchases gradually, enabling widespread usage of the popular online purchasing solution. What sets Nelo’s product apart from a conventional revolving credit card is the inclusion of partial biweekly repayments, making it a distinctive offering in the market. 

Thanks to Paymentology, Nelo now has access to a fast and scalable infrastructure solution, enabling the smooth launch of its Tap to Pay solution through Google Wallet, along with its physical card. With Paymentology's support, Nelo can offer more people access to credit swiftly and reliably, making Nelo’s services accessible and efficient. 

The news comes at a time when over 40% of the Mexican population remains financially excluded, meaning they do not have access to formal financial services such as banking, savings, credit, and insurance. However, technology partnerships like that of Nelo and Paymentology are critical in improving financial inclusion in the country by bringing financial services to the previously unbanked and enabling consumers to pay how and when they want.  

Kyle Miller, co-founder and CEO of Nelo commented: "We’re incredibly proud to be among the first to enable Google Pay in Mexico. Empowering consumers across LatAm is our mission, and in response to our customers' high demand, we now provide the means to pay in person. Through our collaboration with Paymentology as our global technical partner, we have the expertise and infrastructure, to introduce a transparent and equitable credit solution, redefining the essence of credit itself." 

Alejandro Del Rio, Regional Director for Latam at Paymentology added: "Through our innovative solutions and superior technological ability, we are empowering Nelo to bridge the financial divide with this latest development in the partnership, reaching out to those previously unbanked and integrating them into the financial system. We are excited to continue supporting Nelo on its journey to enhance its customers' purchasing power while remaining ethical." 

Nelo’s trust from the industry is further cemented by its latest investment and financial support rounds. Nelo has raised over $25MM of venture capital from investors, including Homebrew, Two Sigma Ventures, and Susa Ventures. Additionally, a $100MM credit facility was raised with Victory Park Capital.