Dec 08, 2020

Paymentology partners with Manigo to deliver card-based banking solutions in under 4 weeks

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ntegrating the Paymentology functionality into the Manigo platform now enables Manigo to launch white labelled card and banking solutions in under 8 weeks, with virtual card services within just 4 weeks.

Manigo offers banking, payments and cards as a service with the whole value chain from back to front-end managed, including the regulatory and compliance umbrella. Providing modular turnkey and API integrations ensures that clients have the flexibility to customise their propositions and can remain focused on their customers, while Manigo takes care of the rest.

Embedding the Paymentology processing capabilities into the Manigo offering brings customer centric functionality, speed to market, authorisation at point of sale, and best in class fraud monitoring, placing Manigo as a market leading go to solution for SMEs.

Rowland Camrass, Chief Commercial Officer at Manigo commented, “The technology provided by Paymentology enables us to provide ‘fast to launch’ digital banking solutions for clients with leading capabilities. We look forward to developing our partnership with the team at Paymentology.”

Shane O’Hara, CEO of Paymentology welcomed the partnership. “Embedding Paymentology into Manigo gives us the opportunity to build out further our involvement with the emerging digital banking market. The principles at the heart of Manigo are absolutely aligned to our own, in providing rapid, quality solutions for consumers and SMEs and we are pleased to be working with them.”

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