Enterprise The ultimate solution for banks at the forefront

The most powerful Platform, tailored for top-tier banks and fintechs. Offering a dedicated Cloud instance to meet even the most stringent requirements.

Trusted by industry leaders, game-changers, and their proven apps.

The apex of power and privacy

Extreme capability, flexibility, and virtually unlimited scalability, giving large banks the ultimate advantage.

Dedicated Cloud

With a dedicated, private Cloud instance, we ensure maximum security, scalability, and full regulatory on-soil compliance.

Private connection to Visa and MasterCard

Through a private card-scheme connection, we meet even the most stringent regulatory requirements, with virtually unlimited transaction capacity.

Feature-rich, tailored card products

Issue precisely configured virtual and physical card products, easily and at scale, anywhere in the world.

Issue any card, anywhere

Prepaid and debit cards
Digital-first, numberless cards
Multi-currency made simple
More about card products

Fast, simple credit

Revolving credit
Flip cards
Murabaha banking
Instalments and Buy Now Pay Later
More about credit products

Dedicated Cloud

Maximum security
Extreme scalability
On-soil compliance
Global processing
Data segregation
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Custom features

Customisation options
Workflow priority
Independent scheduling
Dedicated testing
More about custom features

Private connection to card schemes

The highest possible levels of stability and security.
Virtually unlimited scalability between your transactions and the card scheme.
Full compliance with even the most stringent on-soil regulations.
A private connection to the card scheme, with a dedicated set of ports and identifiers.

Decision Engine

PayRule Engine is our proprietary AI-powered Decision Engine, with unrivalled flexibility. It empowers our customers to set and control rules at almost any level; including card, customer, merchant, segment, category, and many others.

Richer data. Deeper insights

Paymentology FAST Message provides over 120 transaction details, in a rich, layered, easily interpretable, real-time feed. Not only more data than our competitors, but smarter, faster, and more actionable, too.

FAST is Paymentology’s “Framework for Authorisation and Settlement Transmission” interface. It empowers meaningful participation in the authorisation message; providing enriched, full-scheme messaging with enhanced spend-analytics.

How you can work with data

Active participation

A real-time feed to the bank, with the bank making the authorisation decision.

Passive participation

A real-time feed to bank, after Paymentology has made the authorisation decision.

Choose your format

Elect to receive the authorisation message in JSON or XML formats.

FAST setup assistance

Paymentology works alongside clients, assisting with FAST setup, and sharing expertise in the authorisation process.

Create cards instantly with the most powerful, most secure APIs

Superior capability.Powerful APIs

Our APIs are more sophisticated, more secure, more flexible, and more comprehensive, out of the box.

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remarks: “Creating card For Customer“,
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input_id: 520872406
api_call_unique_identifier: 438574845790657485,

Test products in minutes

Decrease second-line fraud disputes

Protect data with Maker and 2FA

You decide.PayControl

Your portal to control rules, issue cards and manage your own programmes.

Detailed system logs

Optimise back-office expenses

Easily understandable data

Other great built-in features

A wide variety of products

Offer travel cards, commercial cards, single cards linked to multiple accounts, multiple cards linked to single accounts, loyalty and rewards, and numerous credit products.

Deploy into any Cloud

We can deploy programmes into any major Cloud scheme that suits your needs, smoothly and fast.


With geo-strategic processing, we offer consistent, high transaction speeds and uptime, wherever you’re based.

Dispute management

We're on hand to provide support in the event of disputes, including chargeback claims and more.

Reliable reporting

We provide all the data you need to manage reconciliation and optimise your programme.


Approve legitimate transactions through native mobile integration, to minimise e-commerce fraud.

User privacy

Our systems are fully compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines, as well as all Mastercard and Visa standards.

Certification made simple

We’re PCI DSS Level-1 compliant, meaning we take care of all the certification “heavy-lifting” for you.

After-sales service

We partner for the longterm. From launch phase, through exponential growth, to fulfilment of your vision and beyond, we're by your side, all the way.

24/7 global support

With expert Paymentologists and Support Teams on the ground, all around the world, we’re on hand, at all times.

Contact us

Our payment experts are on hand to guide you, answer your questions, and get you up and running, fast.

Enterprise: commonly asked questions

In which countries is Enterprise available?
Enterprise is available worldwide. Some countries might require domestic switch integration. Contact us to find out more.
Which cards does Enterprise support?
Enterprise supports prepaid, credit, and debit cards, both physical and virtual.
Does Enterprise require BIN?
Yes, you need to have a BIN to start issuing cards on Enterprise.
Does Enterprise offer domestic switch integration?
Yes, Enterprise offers the possibility to integrate with domestic switches where needed.
What type of credit solutions does Enterprise offer?
Enterprise offers a wide variety of credit solutions including revolving credit, Buy Now Pay Later, Merchant Funded Instalments, and Murabaha.
Does Paymentology offer other options?
Yes, we have three other products: Flex, Sprint, and Pro.

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