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Our feature-rich, RESTful APIs allow simple, fast client-centred integration to our platform. Build superior brand experiences for your customers in a way that is flexible, intuitive and easily adaptable to the systems you already have in place.

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Get familiar with Paymentology. Explore our APIs and documentation to understand how simple it is to start building an integration into Paymentology - the world's first fully-in-the-cloud platform.

Paymentology API documentation

View and understand our technical documentation. Integrate quickly and easily.

Paymentology Sprint API Documentation

View and understand the technical documentation for our Sprint product. Integrate quickly and easily and access our testing tools for the Sprint product.

Build great customer experiences

Full flexibilityPowerful APIs

With the richest issuer processing APIs in the world – featuring ground-breaking fraud, risk, loyalty and filtering mechanisms – right down to a card or merchant level – our clients get the best technology and features available, and significantly expanded capabilities and infrastructure.

  • Integrate in days, not months

  • RESTful APIs

  • Feature-rich

  • Flexible

  • Ultra-secure

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Paymentology environments make integration easy

Resources and tools for developers. Integrate simply and quickly into the world's most advanced payments platform.

SandboxTest all things Paymentology

Entering our sandbox allows you to get a feel for the Paymentology experience before implementation and going live.

  • Test securely

  • Access and explore everything

  • Create sample cards and payments


UATSimple tools to integrate your core systems

Integrate quickly with simple testing tools and 24/7/365 global support.

  • Migrate easily

  • Get support

  • Access simple testing tools

  • Integrate quickly

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Live environmentReady to go live?

Once you're ready to start accepting real payments, your developers can begin your production integration and start processing transactions on your live site.

  • Understand your customers

  • Optimize your programme performance

  • Access new products


Get to know
our platform

Discover our API and support documentation