Mar 16, 2023

Paymentology, 10x and Mastercard Uncover the Untapped Potential of Credit Cards

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In an upcoming webinar on March 23rd at 1pm, 10x, Paymentology and Mastercard will explore credit cards as an area in need of innovation, and how the continued rise of digital payments, and changes to the perception of credit, are creating an opportunity for banks to get closer to their customers.

The webinar follows the launch of 10x SuperCore Cards platform, a ground-breaking solution which combines 10x’s world-class, enterprise-grade core banking platform with Paymentology’s advanced API-driven global issuing and processing platform. The partnership enables banks to quickly and easily deploy physical and virtual debit and credit cards linked to the Visa and Mastercard networks, all through the user-friendly 10x Bank Manager interface.

The webinar is hosted by Graham Robinson, Director of Client and Customer Channels at 10x Banking and sees David Oppenheim, Global Head of Ecosystem Partnerships at Paymentology, Simona Das, Senior Product Manager at 10x Banking and Matouš Michněvič VP Product & Innovation Europe at Mastercard, discuss:

- Why credit card products haven’t evolved since the 1980s

- How traditional banks and challenger credit products differ

- Paymentology’s perspective on how credit is evolving

- How to bring the credit card lifecycle into 2023

To register for the webinar, head to:

To find out more about the partnership between 10x and Paymentology:

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