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Issuing, processing and settlement

Powered by data, our platform has many possibilities; from tailored card solutions to full migrations, our scalable platform provides you with unapparelled control at transaction level.
The Revolut processing platform aims to be sector leading. Paymentology were pivotal in delivering this platform. Paymentology were highly innovative
in adapting to our needs as a rapidly growing challenger.
Nikolay Storonsky, Founder and CEO, Revolut

As Standard Chartered enters the challenger bank arena and looks to, expand around the globe, the processor of choice is Paymentology. Their in-depth
knowledge of issuer side processing allows us to integrate into our
core banking and is proving highly adaptable to our needs.

Deniz Güven CEO, Mox Bank

Card management

Security & fraud engine rules

Reporting suite

Open API

Drives engaging payment experiences

Deliver on engaging and innovative card products to drive customer acquisition and retention.
  • Realtime data feed
  • External authorisation controls
  • Cardholder performance and risk scoring
  • Card programme performance analysis
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We empower our customers to launch card programmes independently enabling them to drive business across their product portfolio.
  • Full functionality access to turn on or off controls
  • Immediate change requests turnaround
  • Full reporting suite for settlement and scheme billing
  • Transaction monitoring, fraud, fees and alerts
  • Multi-instance with High Availability capability

speed to market

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Delivers highly secure programmes

Our cutting-edge AI fraud rules engines allows for the dynamic assessment of fraud scenarios.
  • Transaction monitoring with notification alerts
  • Fixed and dynamic AI fraud controls
  • Monitor fraud and execute card controls at card level
  • Transaction monitoring, fraud, fees and alerts
  • Resilient platform across multiple geographical locations

Seamless integration

Our flexible platform allows you to launch innovative payment experiences in weeks.

Agree and sign off programme definition

Meet with our subject matter experts

Connectivity set-up for real world simulation – ATM, POS, ecom, other.
Monitor live traffic Dynamic/passive feed to bank

Access to simulator

UAT integration and PCI DSS certification

Product configuration & migration

Sign off on connections, card test and rules engine

Product and DR testing

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Street test and feedback

Go live with 24/7 support