Paymentology sees Kalifa Report recommendations as critical

9 months ago

One of the leading UK based fintech companies, cloud native payment processing platform Paymentology, has added their support to the recommendations of the Kalifa Fintech Report.

Highlighting specifically the value of collaboration, Paymentology welcomes the focus on broad engagement across the fintech ecosystem.

• The creation of an effective framework to promote financial inclusion, digital ID and data standards needs to be at the heart fintech going forward

• Facilitating connectivity amongst Fintechs to drive innovation will accelerate the benefits of fintech solutions for the financial services sector

• Extending the global scale through trade presents the opportunity to create a highly effective infrastructure with huge economic benefits for all

Founder and CEO of Paymentology, Shane O’Hara, commented, “Collaboration is crucial, and the UK Government clearly recognises the importance and rapidly growing role of FinTech within the British services industry. They are helping to cultivate an economy where banks, and FinTechs, work together to build a truly digital economy. The Kalifa Review will help build the right framework for UK FinTechs to continue to drive innovation globally,”

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Eneritz Corral.

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About Paymentology

Paymentology runs multiple issuer payment card processing platforms across the world, spanning Mastercard, Visa and UnionPay networks. We are recognised as the leading innovator in the sector. We specialise in: Replacing legacy Issuer card processing, Provision of cloud & data centre based processing, Direct transaction injection into bank GL, Delivery of rich card spend datasets to bank, Enablement of very latest cardholder spend controls, and Support of Debit, Credit and Pre-Paid card programmes.