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Paymentology has grown from an innovator to a robust provider of scalable processing for banks across the globe. It sits alongside banks and program managers to help provide a seamless processing experience. We enable clients to focus on other core areas of their business with the assurance that they have better control over their processing functions.
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Paymentologists are tech obsessed and have a passion for delivering first in class payment platforms.

Our mission as a team is to transform the world of payments by designing the most innovative solutions in the market.

Our team is formed by respected and trusted subject matter experts in card management suite.

They bring in a wealth of knowledge in the payment’s arena that allows Paymentology to provide hands on expertise in issuer processing and migrations.
Launched in 2015 and with accreditations to operate globally, Paymentology is firmly positioned as a leader in the payment processing world. We have been chosen by banks such as Revolut and Standard Chartered's Mox Bank to support their ground-breaking and highly customer centric card programmes. The technical expertise of our people and understanding of the banking space, mean that Paymentology is able to continuously innovate its services to enable our customers to deliver competitive card products to the market.

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